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Best Time to Prune a Tree - Tips & Techniques

Experts say that winter is the best time for paying attention to your trees and get those pruned. It also depends upon why you are pruning a tree. Pruning also depends on what type of tree you want to prune. Some of the trees are to be pruned in winter and some in summer. Fall is not the time to prune trees as the wounds heal very slowly in the fall and decay fungus spread their spores abundantly in this season. Simple pruning or removing dead branches can be done any time.

Some of the species such as Maples, Walnuts, Birches, Elms, and Dogwoods should not be pruned during the winter as they bleed or ooze sap during this time. These species can be pruned in summer although.

Now when it is clear when to do a healdsburg tree pruning job and when to not let's focus on proper tree pruning tips and techniques to successfully accomplish the job. Proper pruning will add beauty to your landscape, prevent decay and reduce pest & disease problems while improper pruning can cause severe decay, hazardous branch failures, or even death.


Proper technique should be followed when pruning a tree. It is recommended that not to prune rather than doing it incorrectly and unnecessary damaging the tree. It is very important to cut in the correct location when removing a branch. Follow the steps described below so as to achieve healthy pruning for your beloved tree.

  • Branches to cut: If the branches are growing in a wrong direction and you need to prune them then try doing it when they were young as the cuts heal quickly.

  • Firstly make an undercut: Make the first cut through the underside of the branch partly and then proceed towards the top. Let the branch to snap off.

  • Cutting close to trunk: Take off the stump cutting it closer from the trunk avoiding flush cut as it requires more time to heal.

  • Let the wound heal: As the resulting cut is a clean one, the branch will recover very fast. There may be some bleeding after pruning, but not to worry as it soon form a protective bark layer.

  • Spur Pruning: Shorten the shoots that are emerging from the main stem as it encourages to fruit more freely and produce far more productive stems further. Among those shoots choose a strong growing one so that it can be trim back into 2-3 buds to form spurs. It will help in preventing the tree from diseases.

Although cloverdale tree trimming and tree pruning are much similar to each other and it encourages air circulation in the trees which reduce the chances of disease or infection and the possibility of damage during emergencies.

It is good practice to consult a tree service or an expert certified arborist before pruning. We offer affordable tree services including tree trimming, tree pruning and much more in Santa Rosa with easy access to Sebastopol, Windsor or Healdsburg. We are available day & night to handle any kind of emergency.